Tidal Locking plus Zombies

Squad Cleared For Mission

From the desk of Doctor Aimé Lefèvre;

It is this doctor’s opinion that the members of Trap-Jaw Squad are fit and able for the Granea mission. My assistant, Patrick Lefèvre acted as handler for a simulation run by the squad. The group was given a simple mission for data retrieval in a Northern Facility. The squad fell into their roles quickly, supporting the Commander’s concept of operative teams versus general training in large squads. The following is a transcript from the handler:

The squad chose to use a stealthy approach initially. Dima Polinski, the infiltrator quickly dispatched of a lone guard, before entering the facility through a back entrance, as suggested by the handler. Once inside, the squad took a very tactical approach, moving slowly for safety. Their infiltration was masked by the sound of the snowstorm outside.

Elliot Hughes, the Tech Specialist, hacked into the security system to toggle locks on doors, and used the enemy’s camera system to provide intel. The camera system was subverted using a loop-back camera spoof.

The squad discovered the armoury, and Dima and Thompson entered to take out a single guard. They opted for a stealthy physical approach, but were not able to take out the guard before he called for help. After recovering their weapons, the group split to remove incoming guards, and to take control of the security room.

In the security room, Elliot turned off all of the hallway lights to give the squad an upper hand. This was especially helpful for Lobo, who was able to dodge, then remove a threat using his superior sight in the dimly-lit hallways.

The squad unlocked the door for the allied soldiers once the coast was clear, but did not deem their help necessary for the mission. Once the data was found and extracted from the security desk, the simulation was terminated.

The squad finished with only one harmful hit taken by the leader, Thompson, while defending Elliot who was searching for the data.

The squad, Trap-Jaw, are deemed ready for duty by Doctor Aimé Lefèvre.

Mission Briefing



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