Dima (Дима) Polinski

Russian Tactical Infiltrator

NAME: Dima Polinski
HOMECOMPANY: Siberian Federation

Agility       d8  (2)         Pace      6
Smarts        d6  (1)         Parry     7
Spirit        d4              Toughness 4 + (armor)
Strength      d10 (3)         Charisma  0
Vigor         d4

Fighting (St)     d10 (4)           Investigation (Sm)  d6 (2)
Stealth (A)       d8 (3)            Notice (Sm)         d6 (2)
Shooting (A)      d8 (3)            Piloting (A)        d4 (1)

EDGES                              HINDRANCES
Trademark Weapon (Vympel Dagger)   Heroic (Major)
Ambidextrous                       Loyal (Minor)
                                   Cautious (Minor)

Item				Cost		Weight
Armor				-		12
Pistol				-		8
Pistol Bullets (50)		10		3
Pack  				50		2
Vympel Dagger  			-		1
Mirror                          -               1
Basic First Aid Kit 		25		2
Canteen   			5		1
Bedroll and Blanket 		40		1
Rations (7 days)   		15		7
Lockpick (5 picks)(d4 security) 15		5
Rope (10 units)			10		15
Grappling Hook  		10		1
Winter gear			200		3
Winter boots 			100		1
Gas mask 			-		2
Credit 20x                      -               -

WILD DIE:  1d6
ENCUMBRANCE: 28/50 lbs

Items: Standard Pistol, Vympel Dagger, Survival Axe (Str+d6)


Dima is part of the Syndicate of Nova Domus. He specializes in tactical infiltration with advance skills in close quarter combat.


Dima was born in the Russian Sector of Nova Domus. At age 4, both of his parents died during the Miners Riot of 2439. Dima was taken in by his uncle who was a Miner Mech Pilot. He worked as a miner until he was 18, then was drafted into the Nova Domus Russian Army. At age 20, he joined the Spetsnaz Division and later was promoted to the Vympel Unit. There he developed his skills in Systema (Russian Martial Arts).

During the terrorist attack on Stragnov Energy, he was caught in the reactor blast. He was in critical condition and lost his right arm in the process. His arm was replaced my a T-24i Mech arm. After his recovery, he resigned from the Spetsnaz and moved to Europa Sector. He was later hired by Syndicate of Nova Domus and joined the {Trap-Jaw} squad.


Since Dima has been raised in a poverty environment, he has an angry outlook on rich society. He believes only in necessity and not in luxury. Dima has been caught countless of times stealing from the richer quarters and giving them to the poor.

Dima is overly cautious in situations of combat. A lot of time is spent figuring out tactics on the battlefield before contact.

Dima is also very loyal to the squad. Only situations where he disobeyed orders was from mission EX242-T53, he failed to follow the orders of Commander Kilo which was to kill family of John Rector. Claimed it was against his moral ethics and was asked to transfer to another squad.

Major weakness of Dima is that he feels the need to help others during missions. Although he has not failed one mission, he has exceeded mission time to save citizens.

Dima (Дима) Polinski

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