Elliot Hughes

Tech Specialist

NAME: Elliot Hughes
HOMECOMPANY: English/Europa

Agility    d4              Pace      6
Smarts     d10             Parry     2
Spirit     d4              Toughness 5 + (2/4)
Strength   d6              Charisma -2
Vigor      d6

Nanotech      (Sm) d10     Security            (Sm) d6
Healing       (Sm) d8      Repair(nanotech)    (Sm) d6
Investigation (Sm) d6      Shooting            (A)  d4  
Streetwise    (Sm) d4      Knowledge(nanotech) (Sm) d6      

EDGES                      HINDRANCES
(Free) Power(Entangle)     Curious (Major)
New Power(Smite)           Ugly (Minor)
New Power(Speak Language)  Cyberpsychosis (Minor)
New Power(Deflection)

POWERS                    COST     RANGE     DURATION       EFFECT/NOTES
Nerve Blast               2-4      Smarts    Special        Success=-2 to pace, agi,str;
(Entangle)                                                  Raise=immobilized

Universal Translator      1        Touch     10min(1/10)    Speak any advanced
(Speak Language)                                            language; Raise=dialect           

Quantum Trapping Shield   2        Touch     3(1/round)     Success=-2 to hit
(Deflection)                                                Raise=-4 to hit

Overcharge                2        Touch     3(1/round)     Success=+2 dmg
(Smite)                                                     Raise=+4 dmg 

Item				Cost		Weight
Armor				-		12
Gun				-		8
Carbine Slugs (60)		10		3
Pack  				50		2
Compact Short sword  		-		1
Mobile Medical Kit 		100		5
Nanotech Toolkit 		150             2
Canteen   			5		1
Bedroll and Blanket 		40		1
Rations (7 days)   		15		7
Normal Clothes                  20              -
Winter boots 			100		1
Tail   				-		-
Tail Light			-		-
Expandable Rebreather           -               2

WILD DIE:  1d6
ENCUMBRANCE: 64/30 lbs

Items: Elliot’s Mod Carbine, Folding Short Sword (Str+d6), Gas Masks

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Elliot Hughes was born and grew up in England. His parents were decently well off, but were often busy with work leaving Elliot to his own devices growing up. At the age of 16 he was involved in a car accident that disable his spinal cord among other minor injuries. After being rushed to the hospital, he was fitted with a nano-tech spinal cord. Although large and obvious on the outside to help provide artificial support, the nano tech resided on the inside, connected to his nerve endings and other vital functions. While hospitalized and learning to control and use his new spine, he became very curious in the subject of body modding and had several long conversations with the doctor, only feeding the fire. When he finally returned home at 100 percent, he began to obsessively pursue any knowledge he could obtain concerning nanotechnology and body modifications. First successful project was re-enabling his right ring finger.

He continued to pursue illegal body modification – as it was not looked highly upon by the English society. He went to college pursuing a degree in nano engineering. His parents only supported him in college enough to pay for his tuition – so to get the materials he needed to continue his obsession over body modifications, he began to steal school equipment. While there, he was approached by Professor Orion and confronted about his body modifications. The Professor was not there to scold him, but rather to help him and continued to teach him what he could discreetly. Elliot was eventually found out and expelled from the school. His parents, especially his father, were incredibly disappointed and ashamed of him, and all but disowned him. With no where else to go, he entered the illegal underground body modification scene. Now getting to practice his craft on not only himself but others and their sometimes unusual requests, his skills exponentially increased. A prominent figure in the underground society named “Gear Head” – known for the literally giant gear sticking out of the top of his head acting as an old mohawk hairstyle- recognized Elliot’s skill and thirst for knowledge and decided to take him under a sort of apprenticeship.

After a year of working under Gear Head, Elliot felt he had learned all he could from the man and decided he needed a new realm of challenges. After reviewing several possibilities, Hughes decided that going into the military would be the best way for him to test his own creations, as well as eventually gain access to some top tier technology. Elliot put himself into position with the squad, Trap Jaw shortly after.

Elliot Hughes

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