Elliot's Mod Carbine

A coil carbine heavily modified by Elliot Hughes

weapon (ranged)
Elliot's Coil Carbine (prototype)
  18/36/72, 2d6+1, ROF 1, 20 shots, AP2 semi-auto smite
  minimum str: d6
  cost: -

  PP 2, touch, Dur 3(1/r) +2/+4 damage for duration

Used by Elliot Hughes


The carbine was originally a standard issue given to Elliot Hughes by the Syndicate of Nova Domus. During his first mission, Elliot made several modifications to the gun so that he could better wield it. Although he did not have much gun experience, through his mod’s he brought his shooting skills up to par with most of his squad mates. Also Elliot quickly added a an overcharge switch, allowing him a short period of high velocity shots hitting much harder than normal.

Elliot's Mod Carbine

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