Rail Sniper Rifle

weapon (ranged)
Advanced Railgun Sniper Rifle (scoped, bipod)
  50/100/200, 2d10, ROF 1, 8 shots, AP4 snapfire HW reload_1‡
  minimum str: d8
  weight: 35 lbs
  cost: 750

Single-Shot Railgun Sniper Rifle (scoped, bipod)
  40/80/160, 2d10, ROF 1, 1 shot, AP3 snapfire HW reload_1‡
  minimum str: d8
  weight: 18 lbs
  cost: 700

‡ all guns have reload 1, this is intentionally redundant


Uses a rail system to launch projectiles at incredible speed. Highly modular ammunition. Uses 18mm x 99mm rounds. Very heavy and hard to fire on the move (snapfire and weight). Requires high upkeep and repair.

The Advanced Railgun Sniper Rifle (ARSR) designed and produced by Trébuchet is a prototype high-velocity rifle. It is powerful enough to pierce the armor of vehicles. It is designed to be used with a bipod, with a shooter and a spotter. It’s 18mm x 99mm are considered a waste on infantry.

The Single-Shot Railgun Sniper Rifle (SRSR) was a precursor to the ARSR, and has continued to be produced. While the ARSR ended up with a longer range and a large magazine, the SRSR is still in use today, as the single-shot system allows for modular ammunition. The latest SRSR model is more lightweight, due to a stripped down body and a much smaller battery system. Compared to the ARSR, it suffers from a shorter range and a slightly lowered velocity, though it is still classified as a Heavy Weapon.

Rail Sniper Rifle

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