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  • Coil Pistol

    Pistol sized, single or double stage coil gun. Heavier and slightly larger than a regular pistol. Shoots 12 gauge (18.5mm) slugs that have higher penetration.

  • Coil Carbine

    Modified compact-BR, multi-stage coil gun. Designed to shoot smaller slugs (18.5 mm) at higher-than-pistol speeds and accuracy. Can be braced using a stock to avoid str penalty. Lighter than battle rifles. Carbines were a stepping-stone between the …

  • Coil Battle Rifle

    Large assault-rifle sized. Multi-stage coil gun. Shoots 3 gauge (29.4 mm) sized slugs for much greater stopping power. Heavier than a regular assault rifle.

  • Rail Sniper Rifle

    Uses a rail system to launch projectiles at incredible speed. Highly modular ammunition. Uses 18mm x 99mm rounds. Very heavy and hard to fire on the move (snapfire and weight). Requires high upkeep and repair. The *Advanced Railgun Sniper Rifle ( …

  • Elliot's Mod Carbine

    The carbine was originally a standard issue given to Elliot Hughes by the Syndicate of Nova Domus. During his first mission, Elliot made several modifications to the gun so that he could better wield it. Although he did not have much gun experience, …

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