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  • Tidal Locking

    If the planet were tidally locked to it's star, it cannot have a moon (or it would have to be so small that it eventually spirals into the sun.) "Your text to link here...":http://www.treitel.org/Richard/rass/tidelock01.txt "Your text to link here …

  • Starships

    Hundreds of thousands of people per ship. Hundreds of ships. Thought to be near perfect, life support failed on the ships, causing massive life lost, or information loss, or data loss.

  • Space Elevator

    From ground to Spaceport. Stationed in [[Alençon City]]. Space elevator on [[Granea]] has fallen into disrepair. Due to electrical storms in the warmer circle, the space elevator must be used to reach the surface. Minerals and delivered by ground to …

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