Nanotechnological-Utility Biological Augmentation Items are internal Nano-Utility items that provide utility benefit to it’s user. Unlike regular Nano-Utility items, Bio-Utility can be recharged by the body’s excess energy, but not externally charged. Important parts may be removed for repair, but do not function without being attached to the body.

Bio-Utility Augmentation grants super-human abilities, and usually limited to soldiers and special individuals. It is generally not used by civilians, largely in part due to price, but also due to it’s prototype nature.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Advantages of Bio-Utility items is the capability to recharge and repair itself autonomously, albeit at a slow pace. Also, Bio-Utility items cease to function without the host body, so they are of little threat of theft. Internal items cannot be shared in any way, as it must be designed specifically for it’s user.

The downside to Bio-Utility is the internal augmentation limits the installation work that can be done under non-medical supervision; though repairing can usually be done after installation. Though bio-technology allows the tech to repair itself, when the augmentation is too damaged, the bio-repair cannot function and may eventually cause harm to the host body. Also, internal items that recharge naturally are limited in their repeated usage in the same day.

Comparison to Cybernetic Implants

Bio-Utility differs from Cybernetic Implants in that they have special augmentation functions, where Cybernetic Implants exist specifically to replicate natural human organs at no greater than maximum efficiency. Bio-Utility is a much higher technology and therefore far more expensive, but the potential for use is also far greater.

Usage (SW)

See Nano-Utility for information about using Nano- and Bio-Utility powers.


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