Campaign Hooks

Here is a list of all of the cool things we never got to:

In the final city, Chakrat City, bodymods are going to be extremely common, even though they are friendly to the main world. Originally, Alençon City was supposed to be heavy in body mods, but I decided to change it for dramatic effect. It does make sense that that city is more normal looking because of the space elevator.

The result of body mods were going to be really cool zombies, with metal claws or blade arms, or spurs. Most of that game was going to take place inside buildings, where hacking would become really important, and darkness would actually play effect, contrasting the constant light outside.

The source of the Zombieness would have been from some drug that was created on the planet. By taking it nasally, it would somehow affect the brain over time, and shift someone to Zombie mode. I wasn’t sure if Fabio would end up being poisioned from not having a rebreather, but likely would turn over time.

The ‘man’ in Alençon City that they looked at was a Zombie Lord, that controlled other zombies. It was up to the players if they ran into him or not.

Sean’s character, Elliot, had been talking to a woman for a while, who they were about to meet at the top of the tower after our fated last session. She was going to impose the moral choice of ‘destroy the space elevator and reduce their own chances of escape (until the dish is fixed), but also stopping the disease from spreading – or stop the ’resistance’ and possibly let the disease spread to the home world. The resistance wanted to quarantine the place, so they were sabatoging the elevator.

There would be another moral choice in Chakrat City about possibly dying there, as opposed to sending for help. I kind of wanted to force one of the players to get sick.

Campaign Hooks

Tidal Locking plus Zombies DoubleZ