Cyberdecks are used to connect to the Virtual Consciousness through a process called cyberjacking.

External Cyberdecks

External Cyberdecks are very common. Consumer-level cyberdecks consist of a visor, and a sensor to detect minute movement in the body. The user wears the visor and sits in a chair, then calibrates the machine before jacking in. All of the equipment can fit inside a single briefcase.

These consumer-level cyberdecks are fairly inexpensive, and very versatile in their use, but they can be finicky and inaccurate, especially as the user may easily be affected by external stimuli. The sensor quality and peripherals can increase the quality of control.

Professional Grade Cyberdecks are large and expensive. The user wears a bodysuit and a visor, then is suspended in an anti-gravity chamber. This allows for much greater accuracy and control from the user. This level of quality is unnecessary for consumer use, but it can be highly beneficial to professional simulations where control is a factor.

Internal Cyberdecks

Internal Cyberdecks offer the most control out of any Cyberdeck. The datajack plugs directly into the user’s nervous system, and is controlled by the brain. It is a very expensive proceedure, considering the level of technology and the risk involve with installation.

Internal Cyberdecks have a high learning curve to teach the body to come in and out of physical and digital realities. When in the digital realm, the body enters a catatonic state, and the user moves as if in a dream. A trained operator can enter and leave at will, and while present digitally, still has some perception of his physical surroundings.

Internal Cyberdecks have no function when not plugged into a datajack, as they cannot gather enough energy from the body to do anything else.

Internal Versus External Cyberdecks

Internal Cyberdecks require no extra perhipherals, and so are always on-hand. External Cyberdecks have to be carried around, and professional-grade cyberdecks cannot be moved easily. Also, Internal Cyberdecks exhibit the highest level of control out of any cyberdeck, which comes at the cost of expense and availability.



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