Interface Zero

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Interface Zero is the name given to the digital projection of the Internet. The Internet is most easily accessed through simple terminals or PDAs. Interface Zero allows the user to enter a simulated three-dimensional space representing the world of the Internet.

The basic 3-D world of Interface Zero is constructed by programmers. In this way, users don’t see code blocks, but actual forms. Interface Zero is ideal for virtual reality games, simulations, and communication between people in different locations.

Deep Interface Zero

The Deep Interface Zero is the unformed realm of the digital world. To untrained users, it has no shape or forms, and is unusable information. It is up to the user for the simulation to take form. It is used mostly by programmers, scientists, and data hackers.

The benefit of this form is much more control and variability. While a terminal can be used, programmers and hackers prefer itas a three-dimentional interface due to ease of control over a physical terminal. Scientists can also run repeat simulations with the ability to quickly change variables.


Interface Zero is accessed using a cyberdeck, through a proccess called Cyberjacking.

See Cyberdecks.

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Interface Zero

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