Nanotechnological-Utility Items are personal items that use nanotechnology to provide a utility benefit to it’s user. They use an external power-source found on the item, usually in the form of a battery. The power-source must be recharged directly. In the case of a Nano-Utility Biological Augmentation, it can trickle-charge from the body’s excess energy. See Bio-Utility for more information.

Most Nano-Utility items are handheld and activated by the owner, though some Nano-Utility Items are tailored specifically for it’s user, such as a bodysuit or surface-level implant. Either way, these items are always worn or used externally.


Hand-held or simple worn items can be used by anybody as long as they understand how it works, though it is more likely to work well for its owner. In this way, items can be shared. Also, Nano-utility items can be used frequently, as the recharging process takes a very short time.


Cybernetic Visors/Scanners
Cybernetic Eyes (Bio-Utility)
Augmented Muscles (Bio-Utility)
Personal Force Shield
Adrenaline Boosting Beacon
Cloaking Shields
Force Weapons

Usage (SW)

Nano-Utililty and Bio-Utility uses the Nanotechnology/Weird Science skill. The Nanotechnology (Smarts) skill is used to activate the ability on most items, so at least a d4 is required. The New Power edge must be taken per item (including multiples of the same power). Items may have multi-purpose functions, but it is up to the GM to determine balance. Items may also have to be adjusted for power points.

Bio-Utilites naturally recharge at the standard 1 point per hour. Nano-Utilites recharge at half speed (1 per 2 hrs) or must be recharged by a power source. When plugged into a high-power source, they charge at 1 point per minute. This particular charge system is house-ruled.

Remember, every item has a malfunction chance; on a roll of 1 on the skill die, the item malfunctions; consult the book for effects. Bio-Utility does not catastrophically explode (on a Spade) like nano-utility items, but it ceases to function (or functions detrimentally at the GM’s discretion) and must be removed and must be reconstructed with only a repair roll.

Bio-Utility requires either a Repair Roll (if it can be removed from the body) or a Vigor roll for natural repair at double of 2d6 hours (or flat 2d6 on a raise.) The item can only natural-repair itself under no harder than light stress, such as walking.


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