Setting up the Game (SW)

Everyone needs to do this:

Go to the Pinnacle website and download and read the Savage Worlds Test Drive Rules.

It’s about 7 pages of content (only 5 if you don’t count powers) and then 3-4 pages of charts that you don’t have to read. It should take you 5-10 minutes to skim through the pdf, and it will explain pretty much everything you need to know to start playing.

House Rules:

The Weird Science skill is called Nanotech purely for cosmetic reasons.

Weird Science/Nanotech items have special power usage, see Nano-Utility for more.

The Lockpicking skill is called Security to include all forms of hacking, lockpicking, and cyberjacking.

All guns 1 action to fully reload unless otherwise noted, regardless of breech loading or magazine loading.

Setting up the Game (SW)

Tidal Locking plus Zombies DoubleZ