The Foundation

The Foundation was composed of great minds from the original Earth. During Earth’s destabilization, they were the ones that discovered Nova Domus, and released the information of it to the people of Earth. They also created plans for the ships, capable of interstellar travel, that took the Earth humans to their new home Nova Domus.

The Cyber-Renaissance

The Foundation was the original leader of the companies of Nova Domus. They provided much of the technology needed to construct the cities and gather minerals, as well as terraform and travel between Granea and Nova Domus.

Upon the founding of Nova Domus, the Foundation was a source of great knowledge of sciences from Earth. They introduced cyber-implants that would benefit humans in great ways, and they are cited for the birth of cybernetics.

They also created, with the assistance of the Techno Empire and the Latin Quarter, the Digital Reach. Given a clean slate, the digital programmers were able to construct the Digital Reach, improving on the older information inter-network from Earth, known as the World Wide Web.

This period of rapid growth by humanity became known as the cyber-renaissance, lasting nearly two generations.

The Foundation Disbands

Soon after the planet was fully colonized, the great alliances of The Union of Earth States and the Agencies of Nova Domus were forged, and the burden of leadership fell to these new greater-corporations. With the Founders job complete, they disbanded the group and merged with the existing companies.

Descendants of the Foundation

When the Foundation disbanded, it’s members merged with the various companies on Nova Domus. They continued to be a source of knowledge and scientific exploration in each of their respective companies. The descendants of the Foundation have become known as the Keepers.

The Foundation

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