Lobo Vargas

Scout and Sharpshooter

NAME: Lobo Vargas
HOMECOMPANY: Latin/Bolivia

Agility    d8              Pace      6
Smarts     d6              Parry     4
Spirit     d8              Toughness 6
Strength   d6              Charisma  -1
Vigor      d4

Weird Science (Sm) d6          
Fighting (St) d4              
Shooting (A) d8  
Stealth  (A) d4
Survival (Sm) d4  
Notice  (A) d6 
Tracking () d6     
Intimidate (Sp) d6
Persuasion (Sp) d4
Gambling  (Sm) d4           

EDGES                      HINDRANCES
                           Vengeance (Major)
                 	   Death Wish (Minor)
                           Drug Dependence (Minor)

Item         Cost  Range  Duration        Effect
Dark Vision  1     self   1 hr (1/1hr)  
Wall Walker  2     touch  3(1/per round)  surface=1/2 normal pace race=full pace/run

Item				Cost		Weight
Armor				-		12
Gun				-		8
SMG/Pistol Bullets (50)		10		3
Sniper Rounds (20)		20		3
  Tracer Round
Pack  				50		2
Dagger  			-		1
Basic First Aid Kit 		25		2
Fatigues     			20		-
Canteen   			5		1
Bedroll and Blanket 		40		1
Rations (7 days)   		15		7
Rope    			10		10
Winter gear			200		3
Winter boots 			100		1
Gas Mask                        -               2

WILD DIE:  1d6
ENCUMBRANCE: 28/20 lbs

Items: Single-Shot Railgun Sniper Rifle, Gunpowder SMGs


Quote: Muerte viene para todos nosotros (death comes for us all)

Was born into the Bolivian Mafia. His family are high ranking members of the mob. at the age of 16 he left his family’s place to make it on his own. His younger brother decided to join the mob. at 18 he joined the military. He trained under Captain Wallace Cairbre MaClebon (aka Mad Wallace). Lobo became a highly decorated marksmen at the age of 20. During shore leave at the age of 20 he met his wife Isabel in San Jose. Lobo was caught in an explosion that took his left eye at the age of 21. even with his injury he continued his service in the army for another year and was one of the top marksmen in the military. he left the military to marry his wife and make a new life out of the military. He lived a happy life until he and his wife were attack my an assassin. Lobo was only 24 when they were attacked and his wife died in his arms. a week after the attack his brother came to him with information that he acquired from an informant in the military saying that the attack was issued by someone in the military. Lobo went through surgery to have a robotic eye implanted in his left eye and rejoined the military where he is now a member of (x) and searched for any information on who killed his wife and who issued the attack so that justice will be served to those who have take his wife from him.

Wife: Isabel Bellos (dead)
From: San Jose, Costa Rica
How we met: While on leave in San Jose I met her at a bar where i walked up to her to ask her to dance. After asking she picked up the drink that was in front of her and threw it in my face. taking the rejection i then told my friends that i was going back to clean up. while leave the bar i saw a local gang cornering Isabel in the side alley. I then walked into the alley and challenged the gang. i was able to take three of the members out before the rest surrounded me and beat the hell out of me. in the scuffle Isabel was able to escape (which was my plan from the beginning). the gang left me in the alley for someone else to find me. after they have left Isabel came back to find me. when she came back she found me slumped against the wall with a stray dog resting his head on my knee as i pet him. she helps me up and brings me back to her place (the dog follows us) where she bandages me up. we then spend the next two weeks together talking and traveling around San Jose. in the end of my time there we have fallen in love with each other. She adopts the dog that followed us and i spend the next two years writing letters to her everyday i am away in the army till i leave to marry her.
The Attack: Isabel was killed in the attempt on Lobo’s life. She died in Lobo’s arms.

Mentor: Wallace Cairbre MaClebon (MIA presumed KIA)
From: Inverness, Scotland

Lobo Vargas

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